Diving in Fiji

Fiji Vacation Rental Home in South Pacific, Viti Levu.

All photos taken on a shore dive from Starfish Blue by Dallas Poore

Fiji is one of the world's crown jewels of underwater beauty. Whether you
snorkel on our reef in the front yard, or dive with a dive shop, you won't
be disappointed.

We recommend www.radivers.com, located at Volivoli Beach Backpackers. They will pick up divers at Wananavu Beach Resort, which is walking distance.

We provide masks and snorkels for our guests to use. The maids clean them in between each guest's use. You will want to bring your own reef shoes.

You can snorkel right off of the house, where it is very rocky, but calm,
protected waters that stay shallow for quite a while, or from the sandy
beach at Wananavu, or the sandy beach at Nananu-I-Ra Island.

Recently, Dallas Poore and wife Laura visited Starfish Blue with friends.
Dallas is an underwater photographer with a fabulous camera.

"Starfish Blue offers extremely easy snorkeling and diving entries and exits
right off the back of the house! Be careful when walking over rocks in the
shallows and watch for current as it was stronger on certain [windy] days.
Disclaimers aside, both snorkeling and diving were world class. In the
course of two shore dives from Starfish Blue we saw an unbelievable
conglomeration of sea life, including large schooling fish, nudibranchs,
Spanish dancers, eels, parrot fish, sea anemones w/ clown fish, starfish,
crabs, sea cucumbers, angelfish (multiple types), pufferfish, shells, and a
wide variety of colorful coral colonies and sea fans and too many others to

Recommendations for making the most of Starfish Blue's snorkeling and

1. GO SLOW - look for small creatures hiding in the rocks - they are often
very easy to miss and are excellent at camouflage!

2. Try diving at night - we had a wonderful time and the fish act
completely different when the sun goes down. We even caught a glimpse of
coral spawning!!!

3. Bring your underwater camera - you will not see some of these sea
creatures anywhere else in the world!

4. This is a fabulous site for snorkelers, free divers, and scuba divers
alike! The first several hundred feet from the shore are less than five
feet deep and are perfect for snorkeling. Where the water changes color,
however, you can dive down to at least 50 feet (probably deeper) and enjoy
some of the coral and animals that are not located in the shallows.

5. Be careful where you put your hands and exposed skin! While beautiful,
certain sea creatures can hurt you and they often look perfectly harmless.
A good rule of thumb is, "the more beautiful it is, the more dangerous it
could be..." An even better rule: LOOK, BUT DON'T TOUCH! This includes

Dallas S. Poore

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